Award winning | Raleigh wedding photographer

Raleigh wedding photographer does it again.3rd quarter photo contest for the wps photographer of the year just took place and some of my images were award winning. See previous winning images here. I am currently in 3rd place with only 3.5 points behind the 1st place person, so needless to say its a tight race.

This wedding image placed 3rd in the artistic category. I loved this image and thought it was beautiful straight out of the camera, but really wanted to give it a timeless feel and it paid off.  Judges comment were

In a world full of high key wedding images, this low key composition caught my eye and makes great use of lighting for dramatic effect. The light, the composition and post production treatment reinforce the quiet but compelling subject matter. As a side note, I’m not a huge fan of adding texture in post production, but this is not so overt as to distract from the subject.

– Nice period feel combined with emotion. Texture works well! ”

This next wedding image placed 4th in beautiful mistake category, that’s right I said beautiful mistake. I had fired the shot several times but this particular time the flash did not have time to re power, so it was all available light. I love the motion and how it makes you feel they are zooming off to somewhere to start their journey in life together. The perfect picture doesn’t have to be all that perfect after all. Being an artsy photographer I feel the beauty is in the eye of the beholder and is up to individual interpretation. Judges comment

”  – This image makes me want to scream “Hell Yeah!” The fact that the interior is lit up is a double bonus.