Back up your wedding photos, newborn,family and iphone

Do you have all your photos on your phone? Do you have all your photos on your computer? Do you still have your photos in the camera? Do you have a cd from a professional photographer? Now ask yourself this. Has your computer ever crashed? Lost or stolen phone? Lost the cd from the professional photographer. BACK THEM UP- BACK THEM UP. I can’t tell you how important it is to back up your photos. My backup solution is this.

All clients files are downloaded to my computer then backed up on 2 different external hard drives, and for extra precaution I have backblaze on my computer which is an online backup that automatically backs up all files on my computer. Backblaze would be good for fires too. I also will not delete my cf cards with clients files on them till there are at least 3 copies made.

Believe me when I say cd’s fail, computers crash/get stolen/break, the unthinkable can happen to anyone. The special moments of your kids at various ages, weddings, births, birthdays, holidays, friends, and vacations could all be gone in a second all b/c you didn’t back the photos up.

Here are some suggestions. DROPBOX is free. You start out with 2gigs free and then when your friends sign up you get more space for free up to 16 gigs . Sharing with family and friends is easy.

Backblaze an automatic online backup solution for less than 4.00 a month with a 2year sign up, totally worth every penny in my opinion.

Print your images, don’t let them collect dust on a cd you never pull out. Print, print, print. This another source of backing up.

There are other great options out there I’m sure, but these are the 2 I deal with.

DISCLAIMER: I cant guarantee Dropbox or Backblaze wont ever crash since its not my company but I can feel comfortable that I have 4 backup solutions for the safety of my photos and urge you to protect your memories. Moving forward I will be sending digital files via digital download, no more dvd’s, its a thing of the past.

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