Cardinal Club Bridal Wedding Photos | Wedding Venue Raleigh

I was very excited when Katrina asked to do her bridal photos at the Cardinal Club in Raleigh NC. The wedding venue is absolutely stunning inside and I cant wait for the reception.

When I arrived I not knowingly parked directly in front of the Cardinal club but then walked all the way down Fayetteville Street downtown Raleigh not realizing I had hit the jackpot the first time around, LOL. Needless to say it was hot that day and I was in all black and was very happy that I still managed to arrive on time. There are many other great wedding venues in Raleigh but if you are wanting pure elegance the Cardinal Club is top notch.

Katrina’s wedding gown is gorgeous. The funny thing is,  when she does her first look with her soon to be husband before the wedding she will be wearing a fake out wedding dress and only a few of us know this. Awww the joy of being a photographer and getting the inside scoop.

Katrina’s photos is in my top 3 favorite bridal photography sessions of all times. Why you might ask. Because I love the non- traditional bridal portraits. I love silhouettes, I love moody photos that hopefully evoke emotion when viewing and yes I still gave her the traditional pictures but also with a combination of creative art photos. I LOVE the huge window inside the Cardinal Club lobby. Enjoy 🙂

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Cardinal Club Bridal Wedding Photos | Wedding Venue Raleigh

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  1. Katrina

    Michelle, thanks so much. It was an honor to work with you. These pictures look fabulous, I cannot wait to see the next set.

  2. Pat & Roger Beamon

    They are such beautiful pictures! Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing. Hugs and Kisses Can’t wait for more….

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