Cardinal Club| Wedding First Presbyterian Church Raleigh

Katrina and Jewun’s wedding took place at First Presbyterian Church with the wedding reception at The Cardinal Club in downtown Raleigh, NC. The penthouse venue is located atop the Wells Fargo building and has beautiful skyline views of Raleigh. The club just went through some major renovations by adding a new bar and a dining area over looking Fayetteville St. The Cardinal Club is top notch for weddings and events! Check out the Katrina’s Cardinal club bridal portraits and the couples engagement photos

Katrina fooled everyone, but just a couple of people, by making everyone think her wedding dress was short. Katrina and Jewun decided they wanted to do a first look before the ceremony to get most of their photos done but Katrina didn’t want Jewun to see her  in her dress until she walked down the aisle. What a great idea!! After the first look the whole bridal party got on the trolley and headed to Boylan Bridge to photograph formal pictures with Raleigh in the background. The great thing about doing a first look is that the bride and groom get more photos of them alone.

After the wedding we did a few more formal shots outside and then walked to the Cardinal Club. The reception was such a fun party and was soooo thankful that Katrina and Jewun let me sneak them out at the end of dinner to photograph some creative silhouettes in the window.

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Cardinal Club wedding photos


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  1. Christi Hazel

    Beautiful pictures of my brother and his bride!!!!!!!!! It was a pleasure working with you on the wedding day.

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