Jamaica Destination wedding Iberostar Grand Rose Hall

I photographed Sarah and Robert’s destination wedding at the Iberostar Grand Rose Hall in Jamaica. I was very lucky to have Tara Parker with Tara Parker Photography join me as my 2nd photographer. Tara and I arrived in Jamaica to rain, but that wasnt going to get us down. The driver who picked us up from the Montego Bay airport was like our own little tour guide, telling us about things we were passing, making us laugh, a ride to never forget. We arrived to our room to find out we pretty much had the best room in the Grand. We had the best of both worls by having a mt. view to out left, and a beautiful ocean to our right, with a pool below us. Our balcony allowed us to view every wedding that happened in the late afternoon, and to hear the reception music, yes Tara and I broke out in dance once night. One thing I noticed from watching some weddings was the resort photographer and videographers get entirely too close to people to take pictures. Before the ceremony started I asked the videographer where he was going to stand and when he showed me I was like wooooaaaa back in the states that is tooo close. I was very nice to the man and he ended not staying in the spot he originally said so it worked out well 🙂 The wedding was beautiful and b/c the guest list was very small we were able to spend more time photographing one on one with the bride and groom. I will never forget this couple and this destination wedding, it is by far the most relaxing trip I have ever taken, besides the missing the connecting flight on the way home, running through the airport like crazy women, laying on a floor for 5 1/2 hrs till the next flight, hahaha. I loved every minute of it. Thank you Tara for the laughter, the hard work, and the images you captured. It was fun sharing in this trip with you and I hope we can do it again 🙂 Stay tuned for some day after wedding pictures 🙂

0003 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_2286 0010 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_2294 0011 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_2298 jamaica wedding photographer 0034 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_2355 0035 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_2361 0046 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_2398 0056 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_2445 0065 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_2470 0078 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_2501 0090 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_2548 0111 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_0876 0118 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_0893 0123 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_0908 0132 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_0925 0135 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_0930 0160 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_0967 0171 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_2587 0201 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_1009 0205 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_1012 0215 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_1023 0219 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_1033 0261 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_1130 0273 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_1152 0285 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_1186 0374 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_2735 0414 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_1261 0432 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_1302 0439 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_1317 0461 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_2768 0470 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_2823 0517 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_2897 0546 destination_wedding_jamaica_iberostar_grandIMG_2943 IMG_1232 IMG_1266

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