Michelle Gunton Photography’s 2nd photographer Les Abbott

2 years ago Les Abbott and his wife Meghan Abbott found me online and hired me to photograph their wedding at Crenshaw Hall. After the contract was signed we of course became friends on FB. I did as I normally do started looking through their pictures to see what kind of couple they were, but instead I learned that Les had taken some real cool shots of their wedding rings. I wrote him and said way to set the bar high for me, how am I going to top that. Anyway the wedding went great, and we formed a lifelong friendship. After I found out they loved their images I started talking to Les about shooting with me and thats all she wrote

I have held off telling the world about him b/c I had to make sure 100% that he loved photographing weddings as much as I did. I had to make sure through numerous weddings, training him, that he met my standards, expectations, and that he would represent my photography brand and reputation at the highest lvl. Les Abbott is that and more!!! Les Abbott’s work is great, he is a hard worker, he is dependable, he is humble, soft spoken, goes above and beyond. Les means soo much to me and I am proud to have him be apart of my team!!! Now to his wife Meghan Abbott, I love you girl and I am soo glad we are friends. I cant wait for Madison to be born in 2 days.

Please check out the wedding below that Les photographed by himself. WOW WHAT A GREAT JOB HE DID!!!! here is what the bride said after seeing her pictures

“Les, these are AMAZING. I just went through all of them, and could not be happier. You made my wedding day look like the day that I hoped everyone saw, and the day that I remember when I think about it. And thank you for getting them back so quickly! We just got back from the honeymoon and we are spending time with family in Texas, so I’m thrilled that we can all look at them together! If you need any type of recommendation, please please let me know. Everyone loved you and talked about how great you were. You are so talented.”

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