Newborn Photographer | Raleigh NC | Children’s Photography

Yes I am also a newborn photographer serving Raleigh, NC and surrounding areas, I don’t just photograph weddings. When I first started in this business I was strictly photographing babies, maternity and kids so it has been nice here recently to photograph some babies. Its takes a special kind of photographer to photograph newborn babies. The photographer needs to have A LOT of patience. Newborns are unpredictable.  You never know if your going to get a happy, sleeping baby, or a newborn that wants to cry the whole time.

This family portrait session was done in the clients home a few weeks ago. They wanted a more relaxed feel for the photos. When I arrive at a clients home for the first time I immediately start looking around for things I could potentially use in a picture. You will see below that I found a cool picture beside a table and lamp and put the newborn into my personal bowl(thanks to a previous client’s home session who gave up their bowl, yayy for me). I also found another empty table under a picture that worked great, but my favorite spot was before I even entered the house I noticed their concrete squares leading in and so during the session I brought the baby outside in my bowl and used the concrete as the backdrop. A creative photographer is always looking for something different and unique.

I love how the pictures of the dad and his little girl turned out. Children have a mind of their own too, and we werent getting what I wanted so I suggested to dad to throw her up in the air. I knew this would get her real smile and a real moment, and in my opinion better than posed fake cheese for the camera. Having a child of my own makes it easier of knowing what might work to get a child to smile. Please enjoy 🙂