North Carolina beach wedding photography

This hometown Myrtle Beach gal loves it when I get booked for a beach wedding. Brandy and Adam’s wedding took place at Topsail beach, North Carolina outside the Atlantis. The Atlantis was a beautiful venue and is able to accommodate 200 guest. I must say there is only one thing I don’t like about photographing a beach wedding and that is the carrying the equipment down a flight of stairs, then trucking through the deep sand, long black pants on, and the afternoon beating sun, hahaha I said one thing and then wow I let it spill. So let me follow up with what I love about beach photography in NC.  The beach to me is my place of peace, the place where I put the worries of every day life behind and as Jimmy Buffet would say” The only worry in the world is the tide going to reach my chair. Sunrise, there’s a fire in the sky,
never been so happy, never felt so high, and I think I might have found me my own kind of paradise.”  I think that sums up the personal side, and on a photo side I think its a great place for me to be creative. One thing I want you to notice about the pictures is the popping blue water. When I look at them I don’t feel like I was in North Carolina, I feel like it was a destination wedding. I truly loved how the beach wedding photos turned out hope you do. Thank you Brandy for choosing me as your photographer.

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