Beauty In Maternity Portraits

I believe women who are pregnant gain a more enhanced beauty. I approach Raleigh maternity portrait photography from a stand point of I want the mom to feel beautiful and embracing the new belly. My maternity photos are unique in posing, lighting and angles. I try with each new client to come up with new ideas that specifically express their personality and tell their story.

Freedom and Fun

Your maternity portraits are a way to celebrate this incredible new chapter of your life that you are beginning. They celebrate the amazing person you have become and the wonderful new life you are bringing into the world. You want your maternity portraits to clearly capture your unique personality and beauty. That’s why I create an atmosphere for photo shoots in Raleigh, NC that is fun and relaxed. You can be comfortable and free to laugh out loud, smile, and express yourself.

A Location With Meaning

One of the ways that I create an environment where you feel comfortable is by working with you to choose a location that means something to you. Whether it is the intimate comfort of your own home, a lovely outdoor place that makes you feel happy and sun-kissed, or one of the many great photo shoot locations in Raleigh, Wake Forest, or Durham we will find somewhere where you can be free to be yourself and to celebrate the new beginnings in your life.

Creative Lighting and Angles

As photojournalist, I believe passionately in creativity and individuality. Your photos should reflect your style and tell your story. There are many different elements of photography that go into capturing this. In my maternity portraits and newborn baby portraits and wedding photography, I’m constantly learning and coming up with new ways to use lighting and angles and color and poses to create beautiful, unique photos.

If you want to commemorate this wonderful new stage of life and share the awesome news with your family and friends with gorgeous, high quality photos, I encourage you to give me a call or send me an email so we can set up a time to for a photo shoot. This journey you are setting out on deserves to be celebrated, and as a Raleigh photographer, I work to make sure that the maternity portraits I create for you are exactly what you were hoping for.

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