A Different Raleigh Newborn Baby Photographer

From the first time you hold them in your arms, you know that your new little baby is incredibly, beautifully unique. They have a personality and a future all of their own. As a photographer I get to celebrate that wonderful new life with you. I use all kinds of poses and angles, I feel that it is important to be different and work to create newborn baby portraits that are specifically tailored for your precious new child.

Personality Centered Portraits

My artistic style for your child means that I’m focused on trying to be innovative with different props and posing. When you bring your lovely new baby into my studio, I’m going to be finding ways to get the perfect portrait to express their cuteness and all the excitement and love you feel about bringing this tiny, adorable person into the world.

Those Perfect Smiles

Since I started out as a Raleigh newborn baby photographer I definitely know how to make babies and kids laugh and smile. Instead of uncomfortable looking expressions, you want your baby’s portraits to capture those sweet, natural smiles and looks that you love seeing at home. That’s why I always make sure everyone is having fun and it’s a happy, relaxed experience.

Preserving Memories

You’ve already seen how fast your baby is growing. Soon those tiny, precious little hands and feet will be a toddler’s hands and feet. Soon their mannerisms will mature and change and the newborn phase will be gone. One of the beautiful things about newborn photography is that is a way to keep the memory bright forever. It’s a way to celebrate the beginning of a life and also a new stage in your own life.

For portraits especially, I offer a wide range of photo packages. I want to give you all the options you need so you can fill gorgeous photo albums with photos of your beautiful newborn or send the portraits to family and friends who can’t be there in person to meet the new member of your family. I also create high quality images that are perfect for wall art so you can frame them and hang them up in your home.

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