Raleigh Wedding Photographers-Trash the dress session

What to do with the wedding dress after the wedding? Do you preserve it? Do you sale it? Or do you do something unique like a Trash the Dress photo session or a drown the gown session. You might ask, “does the dress really get trashed?” Well the answer to that is yes and no. If you are wanting to get it wet in a river then yes when you get out of the water your dress will be a light brown. The first bride I ever photographed said that she kept the wedding dress in her laundry room for a week and took it to be dry cleaned and it came out looking brand new. I have photographed a bride at the beach in the water and her dress too came clean, but is it a guarantee? NO. If you aren’t wanting to get wet then sitting on a dirty ground or grungy alley, or old car would be a good choice. You still take the chance of the dress getting dirty but by this time the wedding is over and if you are looking for something different and artsy then Trash the Dress is the way to go and right up my alley.

Lindsay, a past bride of mine, contacted me about doing a trash the dress session. I was super excited. Over the past year and a half Lindsay and I have become friends, through also photographing her baby. So what worked so good about this portrait session is Lindsay trusted me 100% and told me to do my thing. That is exactly what a photographer wants to hear. We both collaborated on hair style, accessories, shoes etc, to come up with a perfect photo shoot. As a Raleigh wedding photographer it also makes my job easy when I have someone beautiful as Lindsay to work with. Lindsay is also a fabulous make-up artist who is available for hire to do your wedding make-up.  Wedding photographer Raleigh.

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