Richard’s newborn session| Raleigh Newborn photographer

There is nothing sweeter than photographing a tiny little newborn. I love their fuzzy little heads, their peeling skin and all the rolls and creases. That’s why I think its important to photograph them during the first week of life. Newborns change quickly. Richard was the perfect little angel for his first photo shoot. I’m thrilled with how the images turned out.

A little information about my Newborn Photography….

Raleigh newborn photography has become an “it” market with everyone trying to do it. I have been photographing newborns for 8 years now and I take pride in my work, the way I handle my newborns safely and gently and my ability to comfort and soothe them. I have spent hours upon hours mastering my craft.

My newborn photography style is unique, bold and I try to be innovative with my different setups. I love cute outfits, headbands, and I love bright colors. The great thing about my photography style is the variety I’m able to offer.

I offer 2 type newborn sessions. If you like props and posed pictures you might enjoy my home studio located in Youngsville, NC just north of Raleigh, NC. If you prefer a lifestyle newborn session coming to your home is another option. My sessions last about 2 hrs and this does include feeding your newborn. The difference between a newbie photographer and a experienced photographer is sometimes the amount of time it takes them. Do you really want to spend 3-4 hrs in a studio after not getting any sleep the night before? My guess is no.

You can view the differences between my newborn sessions here Raleigh Newborn Photographer in Studio and Raleigh Newborn lifestyle photography

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