The Rickhouse| King’s Daughters Inn| Wedding photos Durham NC

Rickhouse King’s Daughters Inn Wedding photos in Durham, NC. The King’s Daughters Inn offers the amenities of a first class hotel with the intimacy of a B&B . It Overlooks the stately oak trees of Duke’s East Campus. The day started off at the King’s Daughters Inn where the full bridal party got dressed. Once the girls were ready I took them outside to photograph the bridemaids pictures and get some family photos then the groomsmen. The whole bridal party was such a fun and nice group to work with. Once the getting ready photos were complete we all headed over to the Rickhouse for the wedding. The Rickhouse is Durham’s newest Event Venue and Located in the Central Park district of downtown Durham.

This was a great way to start my wedding season. The wedding reception was full of laughter, and dancing. I loved the cute light up tambourines brought out during the reception. This was the first time I had seen them at a wedding. I would say they were a great hit.

Wedding Planner: Kathy with Sally Oakley wedding and events Kathy was so wonderful to work with.

Wedding photographer: Michelle Gunton Photography

Caterer: Catering Works

Florist: Gregg with Brides and Bouquets. I LOVE Gregg he is my favorite wedding florist

Cake: Details cake design

Band: Mezza Voce

Hair and Make-up: Kristi Martison Wink

Chalkboard artist: AB Chalk designs


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  1. Carol Malach

    These photos are absolutely gorgeous!! Brought tears to my eyes looking at all these. You captured the special day beautifully!
    Thank you!

  2. Pam

    I love the dress hanging in the window. It seems filled with love and ready to go.

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