Rose Hill Plantation Weddings Nashville NC

Rose Hill Plantation Weddings Nashville NC by Michelle Gunton Photography. Rose Hill Plantation is a picturesque countryside estate in Nash County, NC. The Crepe Myrtle trees that lined the entrance to the plantation were breathtaking.

Sam and Brandon couldnt have asked for better weather for their wedding. It was the prefect day for a wedding by the lake. I loved working with this sweet couple and also Pam, Sam’s mom. Sam also had the best, most kindest bridesmaids.

Cant wait to get into the bottle of wine from the bride and groom, such a sweet gesture 🙂

Hair and makeup Tiffany Mentrak

Band Jason Adamo Band

Wedding florist Greg

michelle gunton

Rose Hill Plantation Weddings Nashville NC

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  1. Laura

    That was the most beautiful wedding. There was so much love that filled the plantation for Brandon and Sam and for family and friends. It was heartfelt to see two amazing people show their devotion. Such fun was had by all. God Bless You, Auntie Laura

  2. Allison

    Those pictures are amazing!! Well done Michelle!
    I want to go back and do it all over again!! 🙂 🙂
    Love you both!!
    The Kingrys

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