Wedding Venue in Cary NC| The Matthew’s House

Melissa and Daniel’s wedding was held at the Matthew’s House venue in Cary, NC. If you are a follower of my blog you already know that I love the Matthew’s House, especially the food.  Chef Richard has the best shrimp n grits in town, I should know b/c I have photographed at a lot of different places. Sorry got to thinking about food but what I really want to talk about it is how beautiful this fall wedding was. The guys were outside playing guitar and drums when I arrived and melissa and her girls were upstairs getting ready. Man oh man  the girls  liked their music loud, lol. I felt I had arrived for a big party. Before the wedding ceremony outside I photographed each side of the bridal party seperately so we wouldnt take as much time after the ceremony.

Let me just say I love the photo of Melissa and Daniel photographed through the brick wall. I was laughed at b/c I honestly was in deep in the bushes, but thats what you get when you hire this Raleigh wedding Photographer, a creative, think out of the box type photographer.

Now onto the wedding florist, Gregg with Brides and Bouquets. Can I just say he is awesome and I love his work!!!! Please consider Brides and bouquets for your wedding or event.

The officiant was kayelily, whom I love working with!!!!

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