Wedding Venue | The Matthew’s House Cary NC

Looking for a perfect venue to host your wedding. The Matthew’s House in Cary has a beautiful reception hall and also has great outdoor weddings. I was excited to be the wedding photographer for Anna’s wedding. Sometimes as a photographer you get a client whose just so easy going, so full of joy and love, doesn’t ask for anything, and totally puts their trust in you, that was Anna and her mom. Wow what a pleasure it was.

The flowers were done by the one and only Gregg with Brides and Bouquets.  I highly recommend his services, he does beautiful flower arrangements!!

Chef Richard of course knocked it out of the park again. I have photographed a lot of weddings at the Matthew’s House and I’m never let down with how freaking good Chef Richard’s food is. If I had to pick a caterer for an event he would be in my top 2 choices, that’s saying A LOT since I have tried numerous caterer’s food.

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