Wedding venue The Matthew’s House in Cary NC

Wedding venue The Matthew’s House in Cary NC. Stephanie and Chase were married at the beautiful wedding venue Matthew’s House in Cary, NC. We had blue skies but 106 was the temperature. The guest didnt seem to mind and Stephanie provided everyone with cute fans. Then when the wedding ceremony was over the guest went inside the venue to cool off and have cocktails and appetizers. Love me some Chef Richard. His food is out of this world!!!!! When the reception started in the hall let me just say I knew I was in for a good time just by the bridal party entrance. This was a fun group that I had a blast with. Some great vendors on the scene were Lindsay Morse’s team rocking out the hair and make-up for all the girls. Lenny Fritz rocking the music and Gregg with brides and bouquets. Towards the end of the slideshow you will catch a glimpse of me laughing b/c some guy was trying to dance with me. Ohhh what fun 🙂

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