Wilmington,NC wedding-Kure beach bridal portraits

I recently traveled to Wilmington, NC where the wedding will be held in spring 2011, to photograph Jenna’s bridal portraits and was so happy when she agreed to also do pictures at Kure beach. Originally being from Myrtle Beach, SC I loved the opportunity to photograph on the beach, I felt at such peace. I must say these are probably some of my most favorite bridal pictures to date. Jenna loves architecture so the church in Wilmington,NC was a great place to start and then we traveled 20 mins south to Kure Beach,NC. NC wedding photographer will travel anywhere.

IMG_9176 IMG_9245 IMG_9277 IMG_9262 IMG_9351 IMG_9356 kure beach bridal wilmington beach photographer

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  1. Kay Hess

    Awesome pics, thanks for your services, I know I can look forward to some great pictures!! You are the best.

  2. Meagan Warren

    This is my BEST friend and every photograph is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing – Jenna looks absolutely fabulous in every shot. You are a very talented photographer!

    All the best,

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