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Yingqi’s bridal portraits were taken at Barclay Villa Castle in Angier, NC. Yingqi lives out of state so we photographed her bridals the week of the wedding. I arrived early and was graciously greeted by Daniel who works at Barclay Villa and to my surprise she is expecting a baby in 6wks. Daniel is such a sweet woman whom I always look forward to seeing and working with.

My approach to bridal portraits is to give the bride traditional photos but to also give her something creative and different. Barclay definitely gave me the platform to do something creative inside the beautiful ballroom.

During our portrait session I had to go inside to get a flash and when I came back outside I caught Yingqi looking at her camera, so of course I had to grab a quick picture. Yingqi LOVES taking pictures. I hope you enjoy the photos. Wedding pictures coming soon.

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